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His name is "Rithy" who lived at the Children's Home from a baby. At the age of 17 was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. Through many treatments and prayers was called home to his eternal resting place in Heaven. On July 10, 2018 with his younger orphan brothers singing praise to God. Rithy called out to Jesus and he was taken home. What a beautiful presence of God's love for him. Rithy give his life to Jesus because of those that dare to "GO" and because of those who "SEND"


A baby boy abandon on the beach for days was found. Sick and close to death. The Authorities came to us asking if we would care for him. Immediately we said "Yes." Due to his sickness we brought him to our personal home to give him extra care until he was strong enough to live at the Children's Home. As the weeks when by we seen a little sick boy become a happy healthy baby. With no name, we had the honor to name him. As Susan prayed, she felt the Lord say; name him "David" meaning "my beloved". Now he is growing up Children's Home knowing who his Father is. PLT!!

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