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Train Up Children's Home Sponsorship

It is not only a Home, it is Family!

The Train Up Children's Home (TCH) is dedicated to changing the lives of children.

Through sponsorship you can play an important part. TCH is Family to our children's here.

For that reason we ask that you sponsor the Home of TCH. By doing this it insure that all

children are treated equal.  

For more information please see the FAQ section below:​​.

What does Train Up Children's Home (TCH) provide?

​ TCH provides safe housing with a dorm parent, three meals a day, education

from preschool to grade 12, clothing and medical care. It provides for any and all needs of

the children who are living at the Children's Home.

What amount of my monthly donation reaches the family of Train Up Children's Home (TCH)?

​With one of the best ratios of family sponsorship, Train Up Children's Home guarantees that

95% of all family sponsorship funds go directly to the care of TCH.  The remaining small portion is

used for the administration of Assembly of God World Missions.

What does it cost per child?

The cost for each child is a little over $100.00 per month. Because you are sponsoring the family of TCH, any amount will help all the children. You can give in many different ways. 

Can I get a tax receipt?

Each month you will receive a tax receipt from the Assemblies of God World Missions. ​



Can I send gifts to my Train Up  Children's Home?

​While we know people love to purchase and send gifts to those they love, we respectfully requests that sponsors send monetary gifts instead of gift packages of store-bought goods. The reasons we prefer that the Train Up Children's Home purchase a gift on your behalf in-country:  the staff know the children and can buy something that best meets their needs, high customs fees, possible theft and loss.  Please never send cash in the mail. If you would like to send a family gift please contact us and we would be glad to set that up for you.



Sponsor Now to Cambodia Train Up Children's Home



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